Anguillid is a specialist consultancy in systems thinking for complex adaptive systems, with a particular focus upon infrastructure stewardship.

“Anguillid doesn’t just do a project… it establishes a way of doing things for the future…”

contacting us...

P: +64 27 2648 455 or +64 27 anguillid

E: Anguillid

M: Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd
PO Box 34408
Auckland 0746

sharing with you…

We have produced a number of research publications, most notably focused upon the strategic intent and management of infrastructure systems.
Please contact us if you would like to learn more.
Our research focus explains the recent absence of our annual newsletter, anguilliform. We look forward to rekindling this shortly; however, if you
would like to read about some of our earlier projects and community initiatives, then please click on the links below:

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