Anguillid is a specialist consultancy in systems thinking for complex adaptive systems, with a particular focus upon infrastructure stewardship. Some of the areas where we can assist you are listed below. However rather than be limited to the confines of a page, why not give us a call and discuss the possibilities and your specific needs? Please also contact us if you would like a copy of our CVs to assist you in deciding whether our skills can benefit you…

system stewardship, governance, and strategy…

Anguillid offers a range of governance and strategic advisory services to assist our clients realise their intended strategic outcomes. We understand the need to integrate adaptive capacity and capability, resilience and ‘fitness’ at the system level, and the importance of reconciling high-level aspirations with the detailed ‘threads’ when supporting clients achieve a shift in direction. We have the ability to question, to provide fresh thinking, and to reconcile this with tangible actions and outcomes. We have expertise in developing strategic visions and action plans, and in adaptive foresighting, facilitation, assessing strategic connectivity, reconciling performance indictors and outcomes, and the mapping of value and relationship networks.

complexity leadership and systems thinking…

Anguillid is well versed and experienced in leading complex projects and teams. This experience includes first principle / critical thinking and the development of industry-leading strategies, frameworks, and solutions. Our strengths include ‘whole-of-system working’, particularly for infrastructure and a focus on outcomes (benefits) and the journey (process). This is underpinned by specialist, but trans-disciplinary expertise in sustainability and environmental management.

operations and whole-of-system working…

Anguillid has a strong focus on outcome-oriented infrastructure operations. We have expertise in operational strategy and policy development, through to operational management plans, and process reviews. As the alignment of day-to-day management and functioning with strategic intent is fundamental to infrastructure, Anguillid works with practitioners during all lifecycle stages to uncover, understand, and respond to dysfunction and problem areas — and to develop new opportunities. This includes working from first principles to challenge and review embedded beliefs and practice, and adopting a boundary-spanning approach.


Anguillid provides trans-disciplinary expertise with a particular focus on sustainability and environmental management. Areas where we can
assist project delivery include:

  • Consents and environmental management: Often sought out to trouble-shoot problematic consents or processes, we offer expertise in: consent documentation preparation and review, consultation, assessments of effects, co-ordination of technical inputs, liaison with affected parties, expert evidence, evidence co-ordination, mediation, and hearing oversight.
  • Environmental peer reviews and audits: Anguillid can provide an independent, accredited auditor with experience spanning key lifecycle stages, infrastructure sectors, industries, and audit disciplines.
  • Integrated environmental design overviews: We have first-hand experience in leading environmental design teams and reviewing their outputs on large infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand and Australia. This includes integration across multiple disciplines (e.g. stormwater, landscaping, noise, visual, archaeological and cultural, urban design) and their interfaces with engineering, safety, and notably, operations.


Anguillid’s team includes an accredited LEADR mediator / Associate of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand. Our experience includes technical facilitation, and helping clients: develop working relationships between teams, develop then translate strategy into action plans, develop business and project scope or innovations, and to map constraints, risks, and opportunities.


Anguillid is well-placed to support industry-focused research initiatives having been involved in a number of research initiatives, including in a reviewer capacity. Our own recent research includes an investigation into the ‘strategic intent and management of infrastructure systems’. This included detailed studies into system-level benefit management, consequential OPEX, and performance indicators. The research revealed a range of systemic issues at several levels that need to be addressed if complex systems, such as infrastructure, are to deliver their intended strategic outcomes. As such, our research has a practical focus, even if aimed at innovation and creative ‘disruption’.

In collaboration with you:

Anguillid continually looks to provide leading edge, practicable solutions with, and to the benefit of you, our clients.

  • Highly Commended Institution of Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards: Asset Management (International Award). Anguillid Consulting
    Engineers and Scientists Ltd & Auckland Transport. Albany Lakes Precinct, 2011.
  • Finalist New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards, Sustainability and Clean Technology Category. Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd & Auckland Transport. Albany Lakes Precinct, 2011.
  • IPENZ Arthur Mead Environmental Merit Award. Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd & Auckland Transport. Albany Lakes Precinct, 2011.

Investing in you:

Anguillid is a small consultancy, but heavily invested in contributing to the improvement of outcomes for us all. We have produced a number of research
publications, most notably focused upon the strategic intent and management of infrastructure systems. Please contact us if you would like to learn