Anguillid is a specialist consultancy in systems thinking for complex adaptive systems, with a particular focus upon infrastructure stewardship. Founded in 2008, Anguillid is about practicable aptitude and innovative attitude. This is embodied with our corporate mission statement and business philosophy.…

why Anguillid?

The New Zealand short and long finned eels (or tuna) belong to the Anguillid family. Our native eels are well known for being adaptable and flexible.
They can climb hurdles insurmountable to other fish (such as waterfalls) and transition across boundary effects (water / land, freshwater / saltwater).
The eels travel vast distances in their lifetime; migrating to Tonga to breed. We like their spirit and decided to name our company after these tenacious creatures.

Just as our namesake is multi-faceted and is part of a complex ecosystem, we understand that the demands of increasing connectivity and complexity in
infrastructure call for innovative, creative approaches which focus upon the delivery of strategic outcomes and the benefits being sought. Anguillid knows there is a real art in providing workable interventions in this context. This is our strength, business focus, and our mission; and whilst challenging, we know that a way forward is infinitely possible…

our philosophy…

…reflects the Anguillid mind-set and the approach we adopt in assisting our clients. It articulates our belief that the start of any good project or
strategy is the need to clearly understand the reason, vision, or purpose (what is the question?), to achieve and deliver tangible and workable results
that assist our clients in their journey (be it a strategy, project, or operations), and to challenge (or at least review) precepts and concepts so
that (r)evolution (or further development) is possible. We have found that this requires a move beyond sustainability (and resilience) to system fitness.
For our own part, our policy is to embody our mission, business philosophy, and values.

our values…

Authenticity: Anguillid believes sincerity, transparency, honesty, integrity, and compassion are not mutable qualities and expect these of ourselves and
others. It is never ‘just business’; the authenticity of values and experience is paramount.

Tenacity: Like the spirit of our namesake, tenacity is a fundamental tenet of who we are as individuals and as a company. We don’t give up on our clients, team, or ourselves when the going gets tough. We are resilient, but responsive to circumstance and our environment.

Camaraderie: We understand that our clients, collaborators, and our employees choose to work with us. We respect this and both value and celebrate our ‘collaborative volunteers’. We also appreciate that whilst the team is important, there is also a place for individual effort, accountability, and
leadership; for those shining moments of brilliance that transforms teamwork into camaraderie.

Vitality: We nurture our relationships, our company, ourselves, our community and environment. Like a living organism, we value thought, enquiry, growth, development and change, passion, vision and focus, humour, safety and sustainability, our uniqueness, our similarities, and symbiosis. Possibility: We value the ability and opportunity to stretch towards aspirational goals; whether these are our own, our clients, those of the team, or of others. We are resourceful and celebrate our innovation, evolution, creativity and flair, our successes and learnings. We appreciate that falling short of an aspiration goal is not a failure provided that this does not compromise our other values or the result of blind ambition.

Practical aptitude – innovative attitude. That’s us!

Walking the talk:

  • Founding Change Maker: Diversity Agenda, 2018.
  • Highly Commended, Sustainable 60 Awards (Small Business Exemplar Category), 2011.
  • Finalist, Sustainable 60 Awards, Strategy and Governance, Marketplace, and Community categories, 2011.
  • Finalist Most Community Minded Business. New Zealand David Awards (Heroes in Small Business), 2011.
  • Winner Most Community Minded Business. New Zealand David Awards (Heroes in Small Business), 2010.
  • Finalist Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards (Benefitz Best New Start-up Business Award), 2009.