challenging you...

In the grand tradition of 'gnoming' (photographing gnomes around the world), and because eels journey afar, we thought it would be fun to track the Anguillid migration! Email us photographs (of you in your Anguillid shirt ) from unusual places both near and far and we'll post them on this page.


Scroll to the bottom for the most recent postings . . . thank you to all our friends, clients, and collaborators who have joined us in this piece of fun!



Inaugural tee (08)...

In the Middle East

Special tee for the Auckland Flower Show sponsorship-North Shore City Council crew.

The next generation (09)

In Thailand ...

Tonga ...

and at an Enterprise North Shore Awards Function.

At the Anguillid launch and first client Equinox Function (09)

Vancouver, Canada

Frog Rock

Lake Meliquina, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina

San Martin, Lake District, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina

Merzouga, Morocco (on the edge of the Sahara)

Third edition and new office

At the 2010 Shanghai Expo!

If you would like your own Anguillid shirt, then check out the latest design and place your orders here. And don't forget to send us your shots from the world - we love your stories and that you are taking Anguillid with you.

Anguillid goes to the Ranfurly Art Deco weekend!

Noosa National Park Hells Gate and Alexandria Bay

Bowen Lookout Australia

In Mongolia...

...and India

In St Louis...

...and Missouri (University) 2013