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Our team includes an accredited Lead Environmental Auditor with the RAB QSA in the fields of environmental compliance, contaminated sites, and environmental management auditing environmental systems. In total we have undertaken over 180 environmental audits, across a variety of industries, as well as numerous peer reviews. Our experience includes acting as an Independent Technical Expert for the environmental components of Australia's three recent billion dollar PPP roading projects.

Benefit to you: Independent environmental practitioner with the experience to tailor an audit to the specific needs or purpose (e.g. compliance vs due diligence) and to communicate the environmental issues in a way that assists your decision making process.

Environmental peer reviews and audits

Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd (Anguillid) is all about sustainability; yours, ours, the environment, and that of our community. Some of the areas where we can assist you are listed below. However rather than be limited to the confines of a page, why not give us a call and discuss the possibilities and your specific needs? Please also contact us if you would like a copy of our CVs to assist you in deciding whether our skills can benefit you.

Complexity leadership

Environmental management is frequently complex and multidisciplinary by its very nature. Anguillid is well versed and experienced in leading complex environmental projects and teams. This experience includes first principle / critical thinking and the development of industry leading strategies, frameworks, and solutions. We thrive on distilling issues to their essence such that their simplicity belies their complexity.

We believe this skill is useful to a broader range of clients and projects than may be presented by a solely environmental focus. Anguillid is therefore an ideal addition to your project board, challenge or innovation development team, or strategic working group.

Benefit to you: Multidisciplinary contribution with a big picture focus to augment linear process skills. Clear thinking with the ability to deliver you practicable outcomes.

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How else can we help you?

Anguillid is award winning! Anguillid continually looks to provide leading edge, practicable solutions with, and to the benefit of you, our clients.

In collaboration with you:

 Highly Commended Institution of Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards: Asset Management (International Award). Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd & Auckland Transport. Albany Lakes Precinct, 2011.

 Finalist New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards, Sustainability and Clean Technology Category. Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd & Auckland Transport. Albany Lakes Precinct, 2011.

 IPENZ Arthur Mead Environmental Merit Award. Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd & Auckland Transport. Albany Lakes Precinct, 2011.

Walking the talk:

 Highly Commended, Sustainable 60 Awards (Small Business Exemplar Category), Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd, 2011.

 Finalist, Sustainable 60 Awards, Strategy and Governance, Marketplace, and Community categories, Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd, 2011.

 Finalist Most Community Minded Business. New Zealand David Awards (Heroes in Small Business), 2011.

 Winner Most Community Minded Business. New Zealand David Awards (Heroes in Small Business), 2010.

 Finalist Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards (Benefitz Best New Start-up Business Award), 2009.

So as you can see, it really is all about you. We are passionate about contributing to the community and the environment other than through our work. So as our business grows and evolves, we will expand this page to show you other ways where we are giving effect to this. We will also update our profile to include specific projects, and to highlight examples of how we can assist you further. In the meantime, we would value your thoughts and ideas...

Lucy and May at the Sustainable 60 Awards

Often sought out to trouble shoot problematic consents, we can draw upon a wealth of experience in this area. This includes that derived from a pivotal role in consenting one of New Zealand's first major infrastructure projects under the Resource Management Act (without the need for a hearing). That success was in part due to the development of the project's environmental management plan, which still acts as a benchmark for infrastructure development. Consent documentation, consultation, assessments of effects, co-ordination of technical inputs, liaison with affected parties, expert evidence, evidence co-ordination and hearing oversight are all areas where we can assist.

Benefit to you: Familiarity with the consenting and community expectations and drivers. Robust, leading edge solutions founded on real world experience that aim to deliver to the expectations of the you as the client, as well as the community, regulators, and contractors. Demonstrable performance in delivering the 'impossible' for you.

Consents and environmental management

Integrated environmental design requires the combined disciplines of stormwater, landscaping, archaeology, noise, visual, archaeological and cultural, urban design, and the interfaces with engineering, safety, and operations. We have first hand experience in both leading design teams and reviewing their outputs on large infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand and Australia. Experience in the facilitation and delivery of public art projects is another of our capabilities. Being mindful of risks, striving to identify opportunities for improvement or better still to make leaping advancements in this field is a key characteristic of Anguillid.

Benefit to you: Multidisciplinary oversight of environmental design by an independent and experienced reviewer; particularly in transportation infrastructure. Ability to identify opportunities to integrate with your longer term operational considerations with landscape, architectural and engineering designs.

Anguillid is a signatory to the Ministry for the Environment Urban Design Protocols. To share our Urban Design Action Plan, click here. To see our Action Updates, click here.

Integrated environmental design overviews

Anguillid can assist your teams to explore and develop; everything from a one on one brainstorm to help you clarify your thinking, through to a facilitated workshop for a larger group. We have helped clients develop working relationships between teams, translate strategy into action plans, and nut out project scope or innovations. We can also assist project teams in their constraints, risks, and opportunities mapping processes; a critical step in any adaptive management process. Anguillid has personnel with LEADR Mediation training should this also be required.

Benefit to you: Independent facilitation with broad ranging technical skills to facilitate and if necessary test or challenge your teams.


Anguillid Managing Director, is currently undertaking research into infrastructure engineering at Cambridge University. The research explores what is ultimately an entropic system with the aim of identifying what changes might be required to affect a step change in performance. The outcomes include:

 Better use of existing and new infrastructure;

 Improved productivity, adaptive capacity, and resilience through sustainability performance and efficacy; and

 Effecting and communicating a step change in sustainability practice and knowledge.

The research will focus on New Zealand infrastructure in the first instance, so we are looking for active case studies that we could explore over the next few years as part of this research. The research 'question' has been developed from our experience and from listening to the needs of our clients.

Benefit to you: Thought leadership and applied research to explore and ideally meet client need and to ideally also deliver robust and resilient business, community, and environmental outcomes over the longer term.